Lucky Cricket & Shiwu

Lucky Cricket is sweet, sour, spicy, tingly, bitter and salty—the transformative flavors of all great Asian cuisines. It delivers adventurous food in a category desperate for reinvention, the Chinese noodle house. By leveraging the familiarity of noodles and dumplings—foods quintessentially understood by American palates—we combine the tried-and-true with the bold and addictive flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine. We round out the menu with a beverage program of traditional teas and juices, and dessert.

The first location of Lucky Cricket is located at The Shops at West End in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

In Chinese, shiwu means ‘food.’ The companion shop to Lucky Cricket, Shiwu focuses on Chinese barbecue—from Hong Kong-style duck to the cumin-crusted lamb ribs popular among China’s Uighur population. Like our rotisserie concept, the barbecue comes two ways—on its own or in a steamed bao. Craving more? Shiwu offers small plates—such as ma la toothpick chicken, black bean spareribs and chili-spiked bamboo shoots—as well as unique sweet-and-sour fruit desserts, ices and specialty beverages.